How to Earn Money While Shopping Online

What’s better than saving money? Saving even more money!

How awesome is it that in today’s world you can earn cash back on purchases you were planning on making anyways? If you like shopping and are anything like me, you are always on the lookout for a good sale. But what happens when you use services available in today’s world like Rakuten (formerly E-bates) in conjunction with purchases you were already planning on making? You save even MORE money. Who doesn’t want that!?

I want to tell you about 3 money reimbursement services that I’ve been using for years. In total, I’ve earned $775 cash back from buying stuff I planned on buying anyways. Let me say that again! I’ve earned $775 cash back from buying stuff I planned on buying anyways! Granted that amount has accumulated over the last 5 years or so, but that’s not bad for doing almost nothing.

I love shopping in actual stores because it gives a better sense of what an item actually looks and feels like and two of these services promote in-store shopping. One of them however was originally aimed at online shopping and that is where the best deals come from.

All of these are free to join!

earn cash back with Rakuten
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We are going to start with my ultimate favorite and easiest, Rakuten. I can’t say enough good things about Rakuten. To date I’ve earned back $398.62. When you have two kids, shopping online is so much easier than packing them up and lugging them into the store and hope they are patient while you hurriedly shop. I mean, there is no leisure shopping with two toddlers.


If you are shopping from a computer, you can install this little add-on to your web browser to help notify you when there are cash back incentives. For example, say you need new jeans and you get your jeans from American Eagle. You go to their website and there is a little bubble that pops up saying “Activate 7% Cash Back”. Click that little bubble to activate your 7% and you are on your way to extra savings. Just remember to click the bubble because you are SOL (shit-outta-luck) if you forget. It also times out if you take too long or leave and come back.

Just know that Rakuten and retailers are separate entities. Your savings isn’t reflected immediately with your purchase from the retailer. Instead, Rakuten accumulates your savings and sends you one big check once a quarter. So as I type this, my current check is up to $101 for the current quarter. And yes, they will send you a physical check in the mail.

Sometimes as an alternate of redemption option, you will get an email from them asking if you want to add a percentage like 1.2% onto your total if you select a gift card for immediate payment. The gift card options are nice and include all kinds of major retailers. I’m always like “yes!! I will get back extra money because I will be shopping at one of these places again.” It’s not much, but it’s something.


They now offer in-store incentives if you have a credit card linked to your account and you use that card. If I’m being honest, I miss out in these offers a lot because you need to manually go into the app, look for  

savings and activate it. Honestly, I just forget to check the app before I go shopping.

Lastly, sometimes they will run events where savings are anywhere from 10-15% cash back! These are the good ones to hit, and when the store you’re shopping at a store running a big sale itself, it can be a gold mine. This last Black Friday, I made a big purchase with Kohls in conjunction with 10 or 12% off earned $50 cash back!

Signing bonus

They generally offer a signing bonus too for creating an account and making York first purchase. That alone is worth the sign up.

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earn rewards with shopkick
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This one is nice because it’s a fairly easy way to earn money to your favorite stores when shopping in person. I mean you earn points simply walking through the door of some of your favorite stores. The rewards with Shopkick are only given in the form of digital gift cards, but that’s no problem for me!

How it works is you make an account and you earn kicks, aka points. Once you get to a certain level of kicks, you can redeem those kicks for gift cards. I have redeemed $65 worth of gift cards to date and have enough kicks to redeem $35 more if I wanted. They add up quickly.

Ways to earn kicks:

Walking through the Door – The easiest is by simply walking through the door of your favorite stores. If your phone is set up properly, you will get a notification on your phone asking if you want to collect your walk-in kicks. These can be anywhere from 10-100 kicks.

Scanning items – Shopkick sometimes has deals with specific products/companies and you can earn extra kicks just by scanning an item. This can add a couple minutes onto your shopping trip depending on the store, but it also gets addicting. When that happens, then the kicks add up quick.

Connecting a credit card – When you connect a credit card to the app, some stores will offer a number of kicks for every $1 spent. For example, Ulta right now is offering 6/$1.

Referrals – Like many companies, if you refer friends, you can earn more kicks.

Online – If you shop through the Shopkick app, there are many retailers that offer a number of kicks for every $1 spent.

This one is so easy because you don’t even need to spend money. I earned so many kicks just by walking into stores and scanning items. Bing, bang, bop!

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Earn cash back with ibotta
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My last favorite app is Ibotta. My husband and I have earned back $341 as of today by using this app as well.

There are many big retailers that work with Ibotta, similar to the other apps. This app works best if you plan ahead of time before you go to the store. If you click on a specific retailer, it will tell you all of the eligible items you can get cash back for.

For instance; say you click on Kroger and you need milk. You look and “oh hey, I can save an extra $0.50 cents on milk today”. Sometimes it’s specific brand, but other times it’s “any brand”. It’s easy to tailor your shopping trip to that or vice versa.

To redeem: If there is an item you’re buying or may potentially buy, just click the plus sign on the item to add it to your list of items to redeem. Once all items are added, all you need to do is scan the barcode on the receipt or take a picture of the receipt and it will to verify you purchased the correct item.

It’s pretty simple and another easy way to earn back money on items you were going to buy anyways.

Redemption is in the form of cash and electronic payment. You can also link your ibotta account to apple pay and pay in-store at specific retailers. How cool and easy is that!

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Before you go…

The final way to earn kicks and cash back with all of these programs is to refer your friends and family! Encourage them to sign up!

I’m including my referral links to each of these programs for your ease to download today so you can get started right away! I included the links throughout the post, but if you made it this far, I have them listed below.

Rakuten: Have you signed up with Rakuten yet? It’s the best site for earning Cash Back. Get a $10 bonus when you sign up with my invite link and spend $25. It’s free! ?

Shopkick: Try Shopkick and we’ll both get points toward a free gift card! ? Use code CARD935151 or download


I hope that was all laid out in a way that was easy to understand. If not, just download the apps and get to work. It’s all fairly self-explanatory once you get in there.

Happy shopping!! Happy earning!

Be sure to leave me a comment or send me a DM on Instagram (@ahumbledelight) and let me know you signed up or if you have more questions.

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