Cultivating a Mindful & Active Lifestyle

Learn why diets failed in the past and discover what you need to do to succeed


At Fit Balanced Wellness, I want to to help you:


Discover your own personal recipe of wellness

There is no one size fits all blueprint to personal wellness.  It takes time and experimenting to find what works and what doesn’t.  But the results and wait are worth it.



Getting to befriend yourself and finding the true things that make you tick will exude a confidence you didn’t know you had.


See and feel change inside and out

Take the leap to discover new ways of moving and taking care of yourself in mind, body & soul.  The transformation is worth it.

What do you do next, you might ask?


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Hey there, I'm Susan

My goal is to give you actionable tips that create the healthy and mindful lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of without feeling suffocated by dauting restrictions so you can live happily and freely with confidence. 

As someone that was once full of negative self-talk and lacked self-confidence, I reached a point in life where where I was tired of living in my own skin.  My breaking point led me to engulfing myself in knowlege.  This new information influenced small changes to start, but in turn has led to my transformation. To my amazement, I learned that living a healthy lifestyle was so much more than diet and exercie.  It’s really an imperfect journey of ongoing self-improvement and I am here for it! 

I am a mom, wife and full time accountant with many passions and hobbies.  I understand firsthand that busy lives make it hard to find solutions that stick long-term on top of the normal everyday chaos.  I invite you to join me on my journey so I can teach you what I know and you can start implementing today!  Stay humble new friend, and welcome!

You can read more about my story HERE!

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