Basic Fitness Equipment for Beginners That Will Save Space

Are you overwhelmed with the thought of working out from home? Do you feel like you can’t work out from home because you don’t have “space” for the huge pieces of equipment you think you need? Well I want to tell you that you don’t have to have cumbersome pieces of fitness equipment in order to produce results that align with your health and fitness goals. I am going to discuss with you the basic pieces of fitness equipment beginners should have in your at-home gym arsenal.

Working out at home as become a more common occurrence in 2020 for obvious reasons, but I also believe that many people that used to frequent gyms will continue their at-home fitness regimen for the convenience factor once life resumes as we once knew it. With the internet at our fingertips, it’s extremely easy to find workouts that yield impactful results from the comfort of your own home. It’s important for beginners to take it slow and ease into purchasing “things” especially when space may be limited.

Kira Stokes Resistance Loops & Sliders

Booty Bands / Resistance Loops

These loops come in 3 different “weights”. Light, medium and heavy. These bands are used to focus on glute and leg strength. However, there are upper body workouts that this amazing tool can be used for too. Resistance loops make simple exercise moves a little more challenging by adding resistance to the move. The heavier the band, the more resistance you’ll notice in each movement.

It’s easy to find quick band burn workouts that tire and build the muscle without needing to spend hours on end targeting a certain area. I have a beginner band burnout linked below. Beginners should start without a band to get a feel for the movement and then move to a light band, working your way up.

Here is my beginner band burnout.

There are fabric and silicone loops. Both have their pros and cons and I personally use both. The fabric will hold up longer than the silicone so that is something to consider. I will link my favorite for each. My silicone ones are from Kira Stokes, and my fabric are from Amazon.

Kira Stokes Loops

Amazon Loops

Resistance loops, also known as booty bands have been my personal holy grail for expediting glute progress. After having two kids, my butt was a little on the flat side. While I have no interest in a Kardashian size booty, I wouldn’t mind a little more shape and curvature to my back side and these loops are getting me there!

Fitness equipment. Dumbbells, a kettlebell and foam roller.

Light/Medium/Heavy Dumbbells

It’s always a good idea to have a light, medium and heavy weighted dumbbell set that fits your needs and fitness level. As time progresses, your strength will increase requiring heavier weights. Buy as you go. There is no need to start with a complete set unless you want to and have the space.

For beginners unsure of what weight to start with, I have two tactics to determine which weight you should start with.

  1. Go to a local store that sells weights and grab some different ones to try. Take a couple laps around the store and see how you feel. Don’t be afraid to pump a couple of bicep curls to see what you might need.
  2. Grab some household items and workout with those. Figure out how much they weigh and this will give you a good idea what to buy. If the household items aren’t’ too bulky, feel free to continue to use those and save both money and space.

While I prefer having individual dumbbells for each weight, it may not be an option for limited space. I bought a vertical rack that saves space but there are also dumbbells that have adjustable weight within them. I will link that option as well if that is more ideal for your needs.

Weight rack

Dumbbell Set

Adjustable Dumbbells

Vertical Weight Rack with Weights

Weighted Hula Hoop

If you want a super simple and mindless workout to do while you watch TV, get yourself a weighted hula hoop. This is great exercise for core strength. It can get tucked behind a couch making it easy to store. Results from the hula hoop are noticeable within a few days of consistent use and is great for some quick motivation.

Weighted Hula Hoop Link


Sliders are another compact but effective tool. However, people seem to love them or hate them. Similar to the resistance loops, they bring a different dynamic to common movements adding their own level of challenge. But don’t this scare you. The challenge is great in creating change.

The best sliders I’ve used are also from Kira Stokes. They are affordable but shipping is not included. They are worth the money in my mind. I’ve had my experience of less than quality sliders and these are by far superior. I will link hers as well as some similar on Amazon if budget and time are factors.

Pink Booty Band and Hand Weight


You may hear that kettlebells are must have equipment. Personally, I don’t think they top the list. Depending on your workout routine, many fitness moves can use a dumbbell in lieu of a kettlebell. However, if you really want to get into kettlebell workouts, here is my favorite of my two types of kettlebells.


These basic pieces of fitness equipment for beginners will give you the ability to craft amazing workouts all while in the comfort of your own home. This also allows you to get a feel for movement if going into a gym is too intimidating. Fitness for beginners doesn’t need to be daunting or overwhelming. Don’t let the purchase of equipment overwhelm you. Take it one piece at a time.

Disclaimer: Links to amazon are affiliate links and I may earn a very small commission if purchased. I am not affiliated with Kira Stokes in any manner.

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