My Skin Care Routine: Bio Clarity

It took me 33 years to decide it was time to implement a skin care routine and hope it wasn’t too late. If you’re like me, the thought of skin care seemed like a lot of work. The terminology and what to shop for was overwhelming, not to mention the amount of products to choose for each “problem”. It was all enough to make me give up, but I ended up deciding to start with Bio Clarity, and I couldn’t be more happy.

My Why

It was a couple months after my 33rd birthday and I came across a picture of me when I just 29 years old and pregnant with my first. I now have 2 beautiful babies, but I realized I aged tremendously in these few short years. Now mind you, most of this aging was due to lack of sleep and stress of being a new parent. However, I do believe some of the change in my skin was due to the hormonal changes from my two pregnancies. But here I was, looking at this photo and a light bulb went off. I needed to do something and I hoped to gosh I could slow the progression and even possibly reverse some of the damage.

bioclarity is for everyone, face moisturizer, hydration
50% reason of the reason I’ve aged so quickly, but look at him! So worth it.

Until this point, I had only used an under eye cream for dark circles. Remember? I wasn’t sleeping and I didn’t like looking like death every day I went to work. I didn’t use cleansers because in High School, they seemed to make me break out even more. I didn’t use creams or serums for wrinkles or fine lines. Nothing. So where did I start?

Where to Start

After some initial research on google, I quickly became overwhelmed. I decided to start with one problem at a time, working my way up until I had a product to combat what seemed to be an endless list of problems.

I took to Instagram for the guidance, inspiration and knowledge to help me in what decisions to make and where to start. I began paying close attention to the ladies I followed that already inspired me. I trusted their opinions and reviews of products they use daily. It was an added bonus when they had the same issues I had because it helped gauge what direction to go in. It was Jules at Om and the City that introduced me to Bio Clarity and I am forever grateful. If you don’t know who she is and you love following Wellness bloggers, then she is definitely one to check out.

Product Cleanliness

Considering I am implementing a skin care routine for the long haul, I knew it was absolutely necessary that I found a clean product. I am always in an ongoing effort to use clean non-toxic products in all aspects of my life, and wanted to ensure that the products going on my face were the cleanest of them all.

Bio Clarity makes it easy for the customer to understand what ingredients are in their products. A photo and explanation showcases the importance of each primary ingredient and why it is important in the formulation.

There are no parabens or sulfates. They are vegan and cruelty free too. Bio clarity is full transparency.

bio clarity collection, face masks, face masques, cleanser, face moisturizer
My current Bio Clarity line. There are products not discussed in this article due to length.

My Skin Care Needs

Bio Clarity offers products that target different needs that include, redness, acne, hydration, oil and even age defying protection including sun screens. I’m going to go into just a little bit of detail for each of the products I’ve tried and my overall thoughts.


I’ve noticed in the last year or so my face becoming more red than it ever was in the past. Is it hormonal? Age? I’ll never really know, but it was getting to a point that I was becoming self conscious over it.

bio clarity restore, floralux
Restore from Bio Clarity. My go-to for reducing redness.

This was actually the selling point for me. When Jules (the awesome wellness blogger I mentioned earlier) started talking about this product called Restore that cleared up her redness and complexion, I was sold. Within days of consistently using this product, I noticed change happening and the redness wasn’t so apparent.

A main ingredient in this, as well as many of Bio Clarity’s products is something called Floralux. If you’ve never heard of it, don’t worry – I never had either. Keep reading as I explain more below because it’s awesome!

hydration, face moisturizer
So much silky hydration in one small bottle.


My skin is on the dryer side, but it’s not SUPER dry. I’ll occasionally get dry patches in the winter that need a little TLC, but incorporating a face moisturizer has been one of the biggest wins since implementing this new skin care routine. And if there is one thing that I can’t go without in the morning and night, it’s this. Their moisturizer is silky and has a little bit of a cooling effect, leaving my skin always feeling refreshed after applying.

Face cleanser, face wazsh
Cleanser coming at you to make your skin feel refreshed.


I never “washed” my face on a regular basis until just recently. That was probably mistake number one in my lack of skin care. By never washing my face, I never properly allowed proper turnover of my skin cells to rejuvenate.

Now, I know you may be thinking I’m gross, but when I was in High School, I did wash my face regularly. I don’t know why I stopped, but I did and I found that I had less acne breakouts. And from that point forward, I just let the natural water of my shower be the cleanser to my skin.

However, today, I have been loving the feeling of a freshly washed face. I realize that washing my face in general wasn’t causing more acne breakouts back then, it was the product.


Thankfully, I don’t suffer from terrible acne. A random zit here and there is about all I get. My sister however, has recently needed something to help with her cystic acne breakouts and this has helped her tremendously.

Although I don’t need or use this product, I felt confident in recommending Bio Clarity to her for two reasons. 1. I was finding success and liking their other products. 2. The lovely Jules that I mentioned earlier used it for cystic acne breakouts and it was the only product she found that worked.

My sister is also enjoying and finding success with this product

Sun Screen

At the time or writing this, Bio Clarity had just released a facial and body sunscreen. They are on order and I will write a review after I have some time to use them.


bio clarity restore, floralux
The Floralux in this makes it green and I find it fun. The cooling sensation is pretty rad too.

If you don’t know what Floralux is, it’s really a magical superpower. Essentially, it’s is derived from plant-based chlorophyll. How cool is that!? This element is packed with anti-oxidants and included in many of their products, making them stand out in the skin care world, in my opinion. To get more info on this super power, click here and I will let Bio Clarity themselves explain more.

How I Use

Another intimidating factor I always had when it came to skin care was how to know what to apply first, middle, and last. Bio-clarity lays it all out there so there is no guessing game in how to layer. This is how I do it.

Cleanse – Restore – Hydrate (Moisturizer)

I do also use an under-eye cream that I put on after restore, but before the hydrate.

Customer Service

Finally, let’s talk about the customer service! If you love an amazing customer service experience, Bio Clarity hands down has one of the best experiences I’ve come across lately. With many ways of contacting them with any issues, they are always quick to respond to any issues you have.

They also have a cool feature with their customer service in which you can text them if you have questions. If you opt-in to their text messages, they will also text you and ask if you have questions and see how you are liking the product. You may or may not like that, but I think it makes my experience very personable and I like it.

In Conclusion

If you are in the market for some green, non-toxic products for your face, Bio Clarity is the place to go. I did the research and so far am beyond pleased with my results.

I am also so thankful that I found Jules on the inter-webs, whom introduced me to this wonderful product. If you want another awesome wellness blogger to follow, go follow her! She’s lovely. Lastly, if you want some clean and (literally) green products, I highly encourage Bio-Clarity.

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